Members of Dream Seed are active as organizers of the Golden Drum Community and the Sacred Arts Research Foundation and are students of Maestro Manuel Rufino, a recognized Taino elder, spiritual guide and ceremonial leader. With his blessing, Dream Seed was created as a vehicle with which to share the music of sacred traditions of the world.

Our affiliations include Made in Prayer, Pink Sun, Brooklyn Light, Jungle Cafe and Didge Project.

We have spent over 7 years in a deep study in Brooklyn, NY cultivating our art, music and programs through our practices and disciplines from the tradition.


Brooke Hamre Gillespie

Brooke Gillespie is a disciple of Maestro Manuel Rufino, an active member of  Golden Drum, a cultural community center for consciousness in Brooklyn, and a member of the Initiatic College; learning the traditional Native American healing ways and sacred wisdom traditions.  Brooke’s mission is to help people remember that life is sacred and to be in service to the mission of peace for humanity through educating, inspiring and reconnecting people to the sacred wisdom traditions and indigenous knowledge.  She is a visionary vocalist, sound healer, song-writer and song carrier of sacred music from all over the world including Native American traditional music from South, Central, and North America, Tibetan and Sanskrit mantra, African songs and more.  Brooke is a founding member of Pink Sun, a shamanic ceremonial music group and a founding member of Dream Seed.  She believes in sound, vibration and music as universal methods of healing, awakening, consciousness and bringing peace to humanity.


AJ Block

AJ Block is a musician, healer and teacher inspired by spirituality and sacred traditions. He is a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino and co-director of the Sacred Arts Research Foundation. As director of the New York didgeridoo organization Didge Project, AJ has spent nearly a decade developing creative businesses. As a Certified Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner AJ works with individuals and groups who seek healing through sound and music, most often with the didgeridoo. Listen to AJ's music at and visit Didge Project at



Xango Shola

Shola is a disciple of Maestro Manuel Rufino and an active member of The Golden Drum, a cultural community center in Brooklyn New york, a member of the Initiatic College, and currently works at the Sacred Arts Research Foundation. Shola's mission is to be in service to the preservation of the sacred traditions of the earth and enrich communities through education and service. She is a song carrier & drummer; singing traditional songs from around the world and has been weaving music, art and native healing practices to empower the human heart towards a more gentle, peaceful and purposeful existence. Shola has been studying ceremonial artistry for the past 7 years; creating sacred objects and ceremonial clothing as well as everyday clothing with a seed of powerful intention planted within each of her creations. She is the director of  Made in Prayer, a collective that empowers communities by hosting educational programs that guide you through prayerful art making. Made in Prayer is also a brand that identifies products that are made with intention and purpose.


Matthew Canale

Matthew is a founding member of Dream Seed and Golden Drum, a cultural community center in Brooklyn, a member of the Initiatic College, and has been a disciple of Maestro Manuel Rufino since 2008.  During that time he has studied Reiki, Native American healing and music as well as sacred songs from other indigenous people from around the world.  Matthew has focused his musical studies on singing and percussion including the Native American water drum, hand drum, tabla, and djembe.  He has a great love for kirtan and other forms of chanting.  He is also a member of Pink Sun, a band that shares sacred music. His mission is to use music and art for healing and as a tool to aid in the evolution of consciousness.  Matt is also a graphic designer, animator, illustrator, and painter.  You can view his work at



Jerry Walsh

Jerry Walsh is a musician, vocalist, and beatboxer mixing ancient instruments and techniques such as the didgeridoo, Peruvian pan flute, hang drum, and Tuvan throat singing with experimental hip-hop rhythms and lyrics revolving around mysticism and social activism. He has performed and taught at Sonic Bloom Festival, Gratitude Festival, Mysteryland Festival in Chile, Unifier Festival, and Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Jerry has worked alongside internationally acclaimed sculpture artist, Kate Raudenbush, for the past three years bringing large scale laser-cut steel allegorical and spiritually inspired installations to Baltimore, New York City, San Fransisco, Black Rock City, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and Santiago in Chile.

Jerry has been a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino for over three years, studying the sacred traditions of humanity focusing primarily on the shamanic traditions of the Indigenous cultures of the Americas. He has travelled to over twenty five different countries on five continents and spent a full year studying Buddhism and Himalayan culture in India, Nepal, and Bhutan from 2010-2011. He is a founding member of the Sacred Arts Research Foundation and the Ark in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where he resides with the Golden Drum community.

Michael Fisher

Michael began studying music at the age of 7 when he began taking piano lessons. Other instruments of study include bass and classical style acoustic guitar. His experience using different methods and approaches to playing and studying music has brought him to the belief that all music is an expression of life and that to share that expression and learn from it is always a valuable experience. As music theory and technique are valuable tools, it is equally important to understand that playing an instrument such as guitar can enhance one's sense of well being and cultivate a peaceful mind no matter what level the person is. Michael has played music from all over the world and enjoys sharing with children and adults. His practice of Native American music and healing songs contributes to simple and effective ways to engage one's natural creative process and apply it the guitar. He has traveled to Poland, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, and different parts of the U.S. as a musical pilgrim. His approach to music is specifically and generally for the purpose of enhancing spiritual life. Whether the goal is to master the guitar or just to enjoy the ability we all have to utilize music as a tool for meditation, personal learning, and growth, Michael is patient, generous, and willing to share what he knows so that others can learn how to play guitar and love it.